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    AFLAC is a Fortune 500 company that has been in business since 1955; specializing in corporate benefit packages and a little bit of tax code administration. AFLAC is experiencing unprecedented growth in spite of a sluggish national economy. The company is #1 in Payroll Marketing in the United States and insures 50 million people worldwide. While AFLAC is the leader in supplement benefits, the penetration of the market for this particular type of insurance is limited, leaving endless possibilities open. It’s no surprised why AFLAC is the leader because we have unparalleled brand recognition in our field from the help of the unforgettable and often hilarious AFLAC Duck commercials. AFLAC is truly a unique working experience that allows imagination and liberty, while still providing leadership, support, and training. In 2008, Forbes Magazine declared AFLAC as America’ Best-Managed Company in the field of insurance. In the associate or intern position in AFLAC a person actually can take control of their future by excelling in the field or by moving into management in as little as 6-8months. AFLAC is the right step towards the start of a career.

    152 Rollins Ave Suite 210
    Rockville, Maryland, 20852

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