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    Aaron Allen & Associates

    We're a global restaurant consulting business. Check us out at Go ahead, we'll wait. OUR AUDIENCE We cater to senior executives of restaurant, foodservice and hospitality companies worldwide. We work primarily with emerging brands and large chains ($20 million to $37 billion). Our newsletter is read in more than 140 countries and we represent global hospitality organizations. Our content incorporates examples from around the world and provides fresh insights to industry executives at the top of their class. The content focus is centered on restaurant marketing, branding, design and business growth. Our audience is very hungry for examples, case studies, best practices, facts and figures, trends, and how-to content related to the aforementioned topics. And being restaurant and hospitality people, our instinct is to make sure the hungry are well served and well fed. OUR COMPANY CULTURE AND BELIEFS At Aaron Allen & Associates we believe in thinking big and pursuing dreams. We focus on what’s possible and not what stands in the way. We believe in determination, commitment and heart. We believe in a meritocracy—big ideas matter more than big titles or structures. We admire confidence, but we root for the underdog. We strive to grow, develop, learn and contribute more. We seek bright, energetic and passionate people because, as they say: if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.

    390 North Orange Ave Suite 2300
    Orlando, Florida, 32801

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