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    Akshaya Patra Foundation, USA

    Akshaya Patra is an India-based non-profit organization that implements a large-scale school lunch program for underprivileged children in various parts of the country, to give children an incentive to attend school, stay in school, and strengthen their nutrition and cognitive ability, so they can succeed in school. Akshaya Patra is the largest NGO run school lunch program in the world. We are currently feeding nutritious school lunches to over 570,000 children daily in the Indian states of Karnataka, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Puri, with the goal of feeding one million children daily by the year 2010. Our model utilizes technology in the form of highly mechanized centralized kitchens where large quantities of food can be cooked quickly and hygienically.

    92 Montvale Avenue, Suite 2500
    Stoneham, Massachusetts, 02180

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