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    American Lands Alliance

    American Lands was founded in 1991 at the height of the Ancient Forest wars in the Pacific Northwest. Known then as the Western Ancient Forest Campaign (WAFC), the organization was created and remains governed by grassroots leaders to ensure that activists’ voices and issues are raised in Washington, DC where decisions on national forests are made. Our mission is to protect and restore America's forest ecosystems by providing national leadership, coordination and capacity building for the forest conservation movement. We provide national leadership on forest policy issues by combining grassroots experience with a deep understanding of Washington politics. This unique combination is fundamentally important to achieving effective and cutting edge forest protection and restoration policy. American Lands was created in recognition of the fact that national policies irrevocably impact local forests and conversely, local forest protection organizations acting alone had limited success affecting national policies. American Lands is headquartered in Washington DC to effectively educate and advocate for sound forest and wildlands protection. Our strategies focus on forest policy, organizing, advocacy and education.

    726 7th Street, SE
    Washington, District of Columbia, 20003

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