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    Beijing Auchan Transcom

    Our company is situated in the center of Beijing. Our mission is to provide people from all over the world with the opportunity to gain an insight into the Chinese working environment by doing a top quality internship in China for a reasonable price. We have developed a unique business model which enables young people to combine practical working experience with language study, day-to-day life in China and regular cultural activities. We invite you to join our community by taking up a combination of these different experiences of China that we have on offer. We are based solely in China, which means we can pass on our cost benefits to you whilst giving you the added benefit of support here in China. We believe that you should have the opportunity to get in touch with the culture of the country you are visiting. That is why we offer – among other Housing opportunities like dorms and hotels – the unique possibility of a "homestay" with a Chinese family. Since language is an essential part of the Chinese Culture, we also offer Chinese classes. As for all main pillars of our program, we guarantee a high-quality standard for the language classes by offering a unique teaching method for beginners as well as for advanced students who may want to achieve different steps towards the internationally accredited HSK Exam. Finally, we want to give you an opportunity to experience traditional Chinese pastimes. We will offer you rich variety of cultural activities that most travel agencies abroad may not even offer you: travel to insider locations, learn to cook Chinese food and etc. We will offer you everything to make your experience in this exciting country unforgettable!

    Chao yang district,Beijing, China
    Beijing, International, 100022

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