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    Bridging Nations

    Bridging Nations is a non-partisan, non-profit organization in Washington, DC that empowers leadership for a connected world and concentrates on executing innovative approaches to bridge peoples and nations. We believe that a healthy economy at all levels is the ultimate bridge able to span across divisions between nations and peoples. This economic bridge is strengthened and upheld by two primary pillars: technological innovation and responsible leadership. Since its inception in 2002, our initiatives have been successful in both covering relevant topics and in reaching our target audience - leaders in government, business, and the non-profit sector. We have found that a demand exists to engage leaders and encourage out-of-the box thinking to resolve the difficult and pressing issues we face today. Bridging Nations, therefore, is dedicated to promote an informed, multifaceted channel of communication and forum of exchange. It is our goal to aid in the progression towards innovative policy making that will construct a bridge towards ensuring collective security and well-being. Bridging Nations is embarking on an exciting new project called Bridging Nations University, which will offer a Masters Degree in Energy Science and Policy. Our mission is to provide student and career-centric learning in an affordable global environment.

    1800 K St NW, Suite 622
    Washington, District of Columbia, 20006

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