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    College Pro Painters

    For over 30 years College Pro has been giving students real-life management experience by giving them the opportunity to run their own business for the summer. College Pro is a residential painting company with over 500 student managers operating in 37 states. The manager program is designed specifically for college students and does not require any up-front fee. The position requires a candidate to manage all aspects of their own business, with 9-12 employees, using knowledge learned through our training program. It is a perfect position for students who are self-motivated, hard working, and have the desire to own a business in the future. Job-Site Manager positions are also available which provide students with hands on management experience as they are responsible for managing 3-4 painters. College Pro also offers full time General Manager and Internal Developer positions which build on the skills that are developed as a student manager.

    2929 University Ave 200
    Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55414

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