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    Creighton University - ILAC

    The ILAC Center in the Dominican Republic is an international, Christian, Ignatian-inspired, collaborative health care and educational organization that exists to promote the integral well-being and spiritual growth of all its participants. It all began at Creighton University with the vision of two Jesuit priests. All of Creighton's ILAC programs emphasize the importance of global vision and understanding in the process of education and successful, well-rounded individuals. To this end, Creighton's ILAC programs offer dental, medical, nursing, pharmacy, law, physical therapy and occupational therapy, undergraduate and high school students, and also to faculty-led groups, medical/surgical teams and other colleges/universities' students, the opportunity to learn, to serve and to be served in the Dominican Republic.

    2500 California Plaza
    Criss III Building, Room 262
    Omaha, Nebraska, 68102

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