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    Detny by SHANE&SHAWN

    Detny Footwear, Inc. Upon the debut of Detny by SHANE&SHAWN in the Fall of 2003, there was a noticeable gap on the footwear shelves. Across the board, urbane, high-end shoe labels created shoes that, for all their class, caused discomfort and pain, and were impractical for the active, fashion-conscious jet-setter on the go. It was because of this that identical twin brothers and footwear designers, Shane and Shawn Ward, created their first line of high-end footwear: they wanted to create sleek, sophisticated shoes that flirted with the intersection between style and comfort. In Spring 2007, wanting to bring their innovative concept to the dress market, the twins launched the SHANE&SHAWN collection. This higher-end collection exudes all the style and versatility a successful, young, urban professional might ever need, offering everything from 4" women's heels to dressy-yet-funky men's loafers. SHANE&SHAWN and Detny by SHANE&SHAWN are two of less than a handful of brands that feature truly hip, contemporary and casual designs along with the technical comfort of a high performance athletic shoe. Co-CEO and Creative Director Shane Ward is passionate about “blurring the line between what people desire aesthetically in fashionable footwear and the ‘fit and feel’ of what they would expect from an athletic shoe.” SHANE&SHAWN and Detny by SHANE&SHAWN are available at fine boutiques and department stores throughout the United States, New Zealand, and Canada.

    1650 Broadway
    Suite 714
    New York, New York, 10019

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