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    District of Columbia Public Schools

    Background - Transforming DCPS “There is a unique opportunity to effect significant systemic change in the District of Columbia to ensure that all children in this city get an excellent education. I believe this city and the school district have tremendous potential.” - Chancellor Rhee On June 12, 2007, Mayor Fenty assumed control over the District of Columbia Public Schools. As his first official act as governing authority over the public school system, Mayor Fenty appointed Michelle Rhee as chancellor of DC Public Schools. Chancellor Rhee brings more than a decade of innovative education experience and has dedicated her career to improving public education in urban communities. Most recently, she served as CEO and president of The New Teacher Project. Chancellor Rhee now oversees one of the largest and most challenged public school systems in the nation, which serves 45,000 students. DCPS staff work diligently to ensure that schools serve the entire school community – our students, teachers, parents, staffs and citizens.

    825 N. Capitol St. NE
    Washington, District of Columbia, 20002

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