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    RENOWNED ARTIST STEPHEN BENNETT, is the founder of Faces of the World. An organization committed to assist in PRESERVING AND EMPOWERING INDIGENOUS PEOPLES through art, education and cultural exchange. Over the past 15 years Faces of the World has visited over 20 countries and facilitated art workshops for thousands of children teaching self-reliance and pride in their unique and valuable heritage, traditional crafts and customs. Faces of the World provides cultural exchanges between the host country and the United States through exhibits of portrait-paintings of children, artists and local craftspeople. These exhibitions are used to inform the public about the host countries’ unique people. Ultimately Faces of the World serves to preserve and celebrate indigenous culture. WE ARE LOOKING FOR SELF MOTIVATED VOLUNTEERS to work with Stephen in his art, installation, fundraising and website design. HOURS CAN BE FLEXIBLE TO SUIT YOUR SCHEDULE You are more than welcome to work from home, Credit will be given to you on the website and projects that you are involved in. We are a fun organization and you will have a good time working alongside Stephen. We are bsed in New York howeverYOUR LOCATION DOES NOT MATTER for the most part, telephone, email and fax are at hand! Stephen has a fundraiser on November 15th in James Gray Gallery, Bergamont Station, LA and is down in New Orleans at the end of November. We will definatly need hands for these projects as well as help in his studio here in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Please feel free to phone or email, Melanie Sawyer at FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE GO TO: For more information on Bennett’s work, visit his website: This Months interview soaringwor orleans

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