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    Hydrogen Whiskey Studios

    Who is Hydrogen Whiskey Studios.........?????? Hydrogen Whiskey Studios is a Los Angeles based 3d art & animation studio. With an long-standing history of more than 12 years, we have been pumping out quality art & animation to the game industry since the start of Civilization: A Test of Time game. Since then, we've contributed to many equally impressive titles like Atari's Terminator 3, Dungeons & Dragons, Mission Impossible 3, Sony's Lords of Everquest, Majesco's BloodRayne 2 , Sega's NBA & NFL and various THQ WWE titles. With L.A.'s talent base in our backyard (and the Pacific Ocean in our front yard), we keep U.S. artists working. Hydrogen Whiskey expertise stands out in the animation world as we continue to deliver quality 3d art & animation. Hydrogen Whiskey is seeking individuals who are looking to pursue a career in animation for video games, film, and any other digital media. Hydrogen Whiskey Studios is a well established animation studio that has some of the top people in the industry, and this could be a great chance to work with some of the industry’s best. Hydrogen Whiskey Studios has helped many individuals to a successful career in the animation game industry. Could you be next?

    1640 5th Street, Suite 218
    Santa Monica, California, 90401

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