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    Kalu Yala

    Kalu Yala is an innovative development project that is working to build a completely sustainable village in the Panamanian rain forest. We believe sustainability is what used to be called practicality. And that social and environmental responsibility are what build the social and environmental capital that make great communities both more resilient and more valuable than most of what has been built in the last fifty years. The Kalu Yala Internship Programs are an opportunity for students and young professionals to come to Panama and gain cultural exposure, work experience, knowledge and use the resources Kalu Yala has in order to create a project that is personal to you and in line with both your and our values. This program allows each individual to tailor a research project that fits his or her specific interests pertaining to Kalu Yala. As a team, we work with each individual to craft a roll, which fits our company, our brand, and your passion. We offer internships in the following specialized fields: Agriculture, Business, Community Outreach and Education, Design Build, Livestock, Biology, and Outdoor Recreation.

    Parque Urraca, Bella Vista
    Panama City, International,

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