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    Macao has a wide range of volunteering opportunities available in teaching, orphanage work and medical placements in both urban and rural Arusha. MACAO is a humanitarian Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) working in Arusha Region Northern Tanzania. MACAO Head Office is in Arusha and was established in 2003. Since then MACAO has been working in partnership with the local community, local and national government and other local and international institutions, to improve the lives of pastoralists in the community of Arusha. MACAO is currently in the process of facilitating an OVC educational project, and is active in educating the local community on HIV/AIDS prevention LOCATION OF TANZANIA VOLUNTEER PROGRAMS Macao has volunteer placements in urban and rural Tanzanian communities and villages. This project is based in Ngorongoro District and Arusha District and volunteers will need to fly into Kilimanjaro International Airport, if travelling to the program by air. As one of our younger placements, we are currently only placing volunteers in and around Ngorongoro and Arusha, however as this program develops we will expand into other cities and rural villages within Ngorongoro, Arusha Tanzania. While we would like an indication of your location preference, rural or urban Arusha, when applying, this can be finalized with our program partner on arrival in Tanzania. START AND DURATION OF MACAO VOLUNTEER PROGRAMS Placements begin on the 1st and 15th of each month. Volunteers can choose to volunteer for periods of one week to six months. MACAO VOLUNTEER REQUIREMENTS Volunteers must be 18 years or older at the beginning of the program and have at least a high school education. Volunteers participating in the Hospitals must have appropriate training and certification to be presented to MACAO partner staff on arrival in Arusha. Medical volunteers must also register at least 4 months before their start date due to the registration process with local Tanzanian authorities. There is no time restriction on registering on other Arusha placements. MACAO VOLUNTEER PLACEMENT DESCRIPTIONS Teaching Our volunteers are placed in exciting community schools, public schools or orphanage schools. Many of the schools we work with are constantly understaffed and are always in need of new volunteers. In this program, volunteers can work by themselves or alongside other teachers and volunteers. Typical subjects taught include – English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Art and Physical Education. School in Arusha runs for three terms a year Term One – January to April, Term Two – May to August, and Term Three – September to November). However, we place volunteers in both government schools as well as English medium schools. These schools take breaks at different times in the year so there is always a teaching placement available for our volunteers in Arusha, Volunteers do not need to be a qualified or experienced teacher. There is also an opportunity to work with a special needs school in Arusha for those who are interested. The school has around 30 children, ranging in age from 3 to 12 years old. Their disabilities range from physical disabilities to mental disabilities, such as autism and Down's syndrome. They need a lot of love and attention. If anyone has experience working with special needs children or is interested in volunteering at the school, please note your interest on your MACAO application form and with your program coordinator once you have registered. MEDICAL PLACEMENT Healthcare is neither easily accessible nor affordable for many Arusha living in the rural villages and poor urban areas. Poverty creates a large barrier to the acquisition of healthcare in general, but in rural areas in particular. Our volunteers work in a number of medical clinics and hospitals in urban and suburban Arusha. These dispensaries and hospitals have very basic equipment and facilities. Volunteers are placed in a hospital or dispensary based on previous medical training and experience. The key requirements in a medical volunteer, aside from the relevant training and qualifications, are initiative, enthusiasm, and readiness to work in unfamiliar circumstances - a surgery with minimal equipment, an understaffed hospital, or a clinic for leprosy or tuberculosis patients. Because of the utmost importance of proper healthcare coupled with the fact that most volunteers cannot communicate directly with patients due to language barriers, volunteers need to understand that a key role in medical placement is simple observation. The doctors are understandably hesitant to allow volunteers to operate on patients. While a medical volunteer may be appropriately qualified to do so, the instruments available in Tanzania will probably not be familiar to volunteers. So, if working on the medical placement do not become frustrated if you are not actually conducting surgeries. You will be observing surgeries, taking blood pressure, administering vaccines, along with a wide range of other medical tasks. Medical volunteers in Arusha, must be registered onto the Macao program at least four months before their due start date, due to the registration process where we have to register you with the local Tanzanian authorities. For more details visit

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