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    Meak Productions, Inc.

    Meak Productions is the World's First Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender EXCLUSIVE Talent Agency Casting & Production Company. Created & Launched in Atlanta, Georgia, Meak Productions’ main mission is to provide an avenue of marketing exposure and performance opportunities to LGBT Talent, as well as create a more professional equal and diverse image of LGBT Culture, which in turn will help prevent the current stereotypes and discrimination towards the community as a whole. Now in it's 2nd Year of Worldwide Broadcasting, our 1st syndicated radio talk show, Same Gender Loving Expressions, is a special commentary show focusing on REAL current issues and happenings within the LGBT Community locally and worldwide, whether political, social, medical, entertainment, small business, and spirituality. Our 2nd & newest syndicated radio show, The Various Artists Talent Showcase, focuses on debuting & presenting fresh new music by Independent LGBT Music Artists. You can listen to our most recent radio shows ON-DEMAND and On The Air in syndication every Monday night eastern standard time on the NEW Exceptional Radio Network ( ), our 1st syndicated radio partners, and NOW on Click Click Expose-Gay Entertainment Media (, our 2nd NEW Syndication Partner. To listen to our 2009 Fall Season & previously recorded shows, visit our website at: For more information, please visit online at; our MySpace at; our Twitter at: and on Facebook. Video Trailers of our Marketing Campaigns are found on: in the LGBTube section of For HD Quality videos, visit our page on Our Music Record Label: Our Adult Entertainment Division:

    2640 Martin Luther King Jr Dr
    Suite 6109
    Atlanta, Georgia, 30311

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