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    Orange Coast Interfaith Shelter

    The mission of Orange Coast Intefaith Shelter is to change the lives of homeless families by providing them with encouragement and the tools for achieving self-sufficiency. Here is a brief description of our overall program: Emergency Shelter Program - Our program is one of only three family emergency shelters in Orange County. For a maximum of 30-days, we provide case management, two meals daily, hot showers, laundry facilities, hygiene supplies, bus vouchers for work and/or appointments, free phone and message center and referrals to other programs and other essential services. We can serve up to 40 individual family members at any one time and an average of 240 families annually. Our staff provides the support and encouragement to enable residents to adjust and to formulate an effective and realistic plan to start back on the road to self sufficiency. First Stage Transitional Program - T he residents participate in a nine-month program which focuses on finding full-time employment, saving at least 70% of their income, participating in life skills classes, on-site mental health therapy, correcting credit reports, developing budgeting/money management skills and establishing short and long-term goals with their case manager. Second Stage Transitional Program - After graduating from the First Stage Transitional Program, families have achieved a level of financial and emotional stability and move to off-site apartments. For an additional 15 months all of the skills related to sound financial planning, balancing family and work, and maintaining a home are put into action. Families pay up to 30% of their income for rent, all utilities, buys groceries and household needs. Our case management and mental health team continue to provide support services to ensure that each family has the opportunity and capacity to create a better life and obtain permanent housing.

    1963 Wallace Avenue
    Costa Mesa, California, 92617

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