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    PariSoMa is a coworking space in San Francisco. We’re more than just a space that provides desks and wi-fi. PariSoMa is: * A Coworking space – The space is set up to be as flexible as possible. Take any open seat (desk, coach, bar) plug in your laptop, grab a cup of coffee and you’re good to go. The coworking movement was founded by and for independent workers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and artists who share values of collaboration, openness, community, and sustainability. We’re interested in the synergy that can happen bringing together like-minded and talented people. * A place to meet - We host a variety of meetups and events, from the monthly SF Drupal Users Group to Musi2k to Creative Commons Salon, to Kearney Street Workshop art openings. We have a big open space and a conference room; we can host up to 120 people. We’re open to any type of events that match with our values. Come talk with us. * A community of communities - PariSoMa was conceived to support fluid collaboration. We are part of an international network with strong links to France and Europe. PariSoMa’s goal is to work as a platform for communities that understand the value of being part of a broader network to foster innovation and collective intelligence. We are located 1436 Howard Street (at 10th). (Find out what’s around us.) Interested in sharing the space with us? Find out about our coworking memberships. We also rent our conference room and the main space. More information here: events. Accessibility: We are located on the third floor of our building but do not have elevator access. There are stairs with a handrail for anyone who needs help up the stairs. Parking: Street parking is often available in front of the building. Contact us at (415) 626-6406 (

    1436 Howard St.
    San Francisco, California, 94103

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