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    Piedmont Environmental Council

    <B<The Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC)</B> is a nonprofit conservation organization and regional land trust founded in 1972 to promote and protect the Piedmont’s rural economy, natural resources, history and beauty. At PEC we help citizens and communities participate in fostering a bright future for the Virginia Piedmont by enabling their efforts to manage and mitigate the challenges of taxes, roads, growth, development, power plants, air quality, water quality, and land conservation. <P>Our programs include <B>Land Conservation</B>, which constitutes preserving the land and open space by supporting and promoting land conservation easements & other innovative solutions; and <B>Land Use Advocacy</B>, which involves promoting best use of available land and intelligent land use planning, with an eye for our rural heritage & rural economy. <p> Intense participation at the local, regional, and state levels distinguishes PEC as the leading advocate for both land conservation and managed growth in Virginia. <ul>Our work involves a sophisticated integration of four mutually interdependent goals and programs: <li><b>Better Define the Piedmont</b>—PEC is creating a sense of place in our communities through engaging activities and the identification and support for our unique assets and history. <li><B>Protect What Can Be Protected: Land Conservation & Watershed Protection</B>—We are protecting threatened land and natural and cultural resources as efficiently as possible through an aggressive and multi-tiered land conservation program. <li><b>Respond to the Forces of Change: Land Use and Transportation</b>—We consistently promote good planning to reduce threats to our region, address issues of local importance, and surmount individual pressures on our historic landscape. <li><b>Direct Growth to the Right Places</B>—We are helping visualize a better future by presenting positive solutions to the status quo. </ul>

    96 Main St
    Warrenton, Virginia, 20186

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