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    The Public Interest Network is a family of more than a dozen organizations working for social change throughout the United States. Our member organizations include: U.S. PIRG, the Federation of State Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs); Environment America and its state affiliates; Progressive Future; Progress Florida; Green Corps; Frontier Group; Green Century Funds; National Environmental Law Center; Environmental Action; Toxics Action Center; Pesticide Watch; Center for Public Interest Research; and Progressive Voter Network. The Public Interest Network evolved from collaborations among the state PIRGs, which began actively sharing ideas and combining efforts in the early 1980s. Now, as then, each member organization works on its own agenda according to its own strategy with its own base of support. Member groups share a model for organizational success that emphasizes goal-setting, accountability and sustainable expansion. We work together to identify, recruit and train the next generation of leadership for the public interest movement, and when new opportunities or challenges arise, we meet them together, sharing resources, ideas and technical expertise.

    Washington, District of Columbia, 20066

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