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    We are a group of dynamic individuals with a passion for social and political issues, travel, and the world of entertainment and pop culture. Monitoring the overabundance of news and opinion currently inundating our everyday lives, we strive to provide accurate information on stories that affect us all. We are passionate about writing, though most of us are not traditionally trained journalists; each editor has a distinct voice and message they truly believe in. Our goal is to highlighting global and domestic issues that affect human rights. Issues such as the environment, racism, modern slavery, the death penalty, the economy, poverty, health care, and political policies have all been featured on our principle site, Africana Online. As the flagship site of Toonari News & Media, Africana Online promotes progressive causes and ideas. The website sheds light on many political issues, focusing on politicians, news media, legislation, and policy. Taking on the corporate funded news media outlets, the writers at Africana Online donate their time to inform the public about Democratic issues and the misinformation being passed off as “news” from the mainstream media.

    487 Main Street Suite 166
    Mt Kisco, , New York, 10549

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