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    Uloop News is the news branch of Uloop, the online college marketplace. The site in itself gets 20,000 to 50,000 visitors each day. Our aim is to produce news that pertains to university life by those who know it best - the students. We mainly focus on local college news (events, classes, eating habits, best study areas, etc.), and therefor we try and establish groups of students at colleges all across the nation. Currently Uloop News has squads of student writers at over 50 schools across America. Each squad is lead by one qualified student, the Campus Editor. Campus Editors play a larger role in the process by keeping a watch over the Student Writers' articles (i.e. their topics, making sure everything is aligned properly, there are images present, etc.), recruiting new Student Writers, scheduling articles for publication, and generally taking charge over the branch of Uloop News at the CE's respective university.

    35 E Wacker Dr.
    Chicago, Illinois, 60601

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