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    Universal Republic Records

    Universal Republic, a record label which is a division of Universal Music Group, is looking for a highly qualified intern in the Executive Office for the Spring 2011 semester. This internship offers someone the chance to work first-hand with the Executive Department of a major music label and complete meaningful work that impacts the daily business of the label. You must like all types of music, as our roster is broad and includes artists in all categories ranging from rock, rap, country, and Top 40. We are looking for a renaissance man or woman - someone capable of wearing many hats. You will never be bored, as this internship entails new projects every day. On a daily basis, you can expect everything from researching new bands/trends in the industry, social media and networking initiatives on the label's behalf, and helping with general office duties. We are looking for someone who is passionate about music and wants to understand life on the label side of the business. One of the main tasks done by interns in this department is completing and updating a Priority Report, which is a weekly report sent to everyone at the label detailing song and artist analysis of all bands on the label. Additionally, a strong background in social networking is required as interns are responsible for updating the label's website with news and announcements of certain artists on the roster. Finally, a professional etiquette is required, as you will be in contact with some of the biggest names in the industry today. The perfect intern can be described as follows: LOVES music, is hard working, able to work in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment, can prioritize, is professional, and is able to work by themselves as well as on a team. This is not a position for the weak. It is an amazing opportunity that carries a big burden and provides real work to the label. For all your help, you will have the chance to receive school credit as well as get a small travel stipend. Most importantly, you will gain meaningful experience at a label. You will be working directly with the assistant to the CEO and will actually get to see what every day life is like in this business. You will be consumed with music from the start of the day til you leave! This is an amazing opportunity and only the most qualified candidates will be considered. Please apply if you think you are the right person for the job!

    1755 Broadway
    New York , New York, 10019

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