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    VTM, Inc.

    VTM, Inc. is world headquarters for 32 of the most influential organizations in the world. Work with them and you are working with key executives from Intel, Sony, Samsung, HP, Microsoft, Nokia and many other leading companies. Joining VTM gives you opportunities around the world. Team members have recently traveled to Beijing, Paris, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Shanghai, Munich, Seoul, Barcelona, Taipei, Helsinki, Hong Kong, Budapest and other cities. And to such cities in the US as Ft. Lauderdale, Phoenix, Kahului (Maui), San Francisco, New York, Lihue (Hawaii), Chicago, Boston, Denver, Washington, DC and many others. Working with these leading organizations and executives means you’ll be on the forefront of the technology business, several years before the products that embody them appear on store shelves.

    3855 SW 153rd Dr.
    Beaverton, Oregon, 97006

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