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    Thank you for your interest in our company. We work simple and efficiently we do not allow pressure sales! We do not allow our sales people to exaggerate income potential! Most of all we do not offer anything accept ATM placement! All that is required to successfully achieve a placement is to ask the following questions and wait for a positive response… WOULD YOU BE INTERESTED IN AN ATM MACHINE FOR YOUR BUSINESS AT NO COST TO YOU? WE PROVIDE THE CASH! AND WE PROVIDE THE SIGNS FREE OF CHARGE TO YOU! WE PROVIDE YOU WITH A COMMISION BASED ON COMPETITIVE SURCHARGES FOR YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD USUALLY $1.75 AND HE GETS .50 CENTS. IF THE ANSWER IS YES, THEN YOU FILL OUT A QUICK STAT SHEET AND TAKE 2 DIGITAL PICS THAT YOU FORWARD TO USATMs. THEN I VERIFY THE LOCATION, AND WHEN HE/SHE SIGNS ATM AGREEMENT PAYMENT WILL BE MADE TO YOU WITHIN 7 to 14 BUSINESS DAYS. BY CHECK as soon as ATM placed is installed. THAT’S IT! These are leads that pay off well and quickly for you. What I do ask is that you judge the place well. It must have decent foot and car traffic. At least 200 people per day. I will always remit to you my opinion on what you submit. I will also Google Earth the location, so please consider all this before submitting locations. I do want you guys to make money honestly and quickly. So please judge well. If you are up for this? Then let’s move forward and see how well your selling skills are. Once your leads are accepted I will meet with you and set up contact so that you can Simply do this and get paid at the rate that you desire.

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