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    • AFLAC Internship


      This unique internship/training Program involves intense training and prepares individuals for a professional career. AFLAC’s comprehensive training, combined with hands on experience, improves resume...

    • Earn $1000 or more per day NO GIMMICKS!!!

      New York

      Reply: Ear n $1000 or more per day NO GIMMICKS!!! Find suitable locations willing to place ATM machines in their establishment. The ATM is FREE, the signage is FREE, and...

    • "Top 10" internship

      Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

      This Internship program provides 13 weeks of training and extensive mentoring resources in preparation for a conversion to a Full Time Financial Representative position. The comprehensive training pro...

  • Insurance


    Industry Overview

    In the simplest terms, insurance is the transfer of risk, from the insured to the insurer, in exchange for a premium. In other words, insurance equals peace of mind.  While what happens to the individual insurance customer or to his property is unpredictable-you never know when someone's going to get sick, or get into a car accident, after all-the insurer stakes its viability on its ability to predict losses that will be incurred on a macro level. Typically an insurer covers many policyholders for a given kind of loss, and so is able to predict what its costs to cover those policyholders' losses will be over time. Insurance companies make a profit by charging more in premiums than they predict they will have to pay out over time for losses.

    Insurance is big, big business. Some 1,800 U.S. insurance companies offer personal and commercial product lines including basic health/life and property/casualty protection as well as a long list of other coverage ranging from automobiles to mortgages to insurance for insurance companies (known as reinsurance). These products protect customers from losses resulting from illegal actions, medical needs, theft, earthquakes and hurricanes, and a variety of other causes.  If you are interested in the insurance industry, InternZoo offers internship positions, both on the finance side as well as the human resources side.

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