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    • Real Estate Internship

      Jones Marketing Group Inc.

      JMG Real Estate is currently looking for a person with interest in pursuing a career in real estate. This internship allows a consistant schedule that is flexible around classes. You will be involved ...

    • freelancer Opportunity


      Freelance Opportunity: Peachconnection. com is looking for talented individuals that specialize in the categories below. Peach will help you develop your professional portfolio while ...

    • Earn $1000 or more per day NO GIMMICKS!!!

      New York

      Reply: Ear n $1000 or more per day NO GIMMICKS!!! Find suitable locations willing to place ATM machines in their establishment. The ATM is FREE, the signage is FREE, and...

    • Legal Assistant

      New York
      Coastal Land Services, Inc.

      Handle clearance matters. Prepare closing documents for refinance and purchase transactions representing lending institutions.

  • Real Estate


    Industry Overview

    The industry involves the buying, selling, renting, leasing, and management of commercial, residential, agricultural, and other kinds of property, including all the functions that support such activity, such as appraising and financing. The successful realtor is necessarily a shrewd salesperson with a deep knowledge of real estate markets and a broad understanding of the contracts, laws, and tax regulations that apply to real estate transactions.


    Thinking big is part and parcel of the real estate industry, and grandiose speculation has created some of America's greatest fortunes.  The thrill of deal making, the promise of financial reward, the potential to have a lasting impact on cities and communities, and the sociability make real estate a rewarding profession.


    The real estate market has undergone dramatic changes in recent years. Real estate investment trusts (REITs) have become major sources of financing for property acquisition and development. The total market capitalization of public REITs has grown from $10 billion in 1991 to more than $218 billion in 171 funds today, causing a revolution in real estate financing, similar to the rise of the individual investor in the stock market.  In either case, InternZoo offers positions in both large and small real estate firms.


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