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    Business Intern

    Looking for a MBA candidate or Business school student who is looking for valuable experience in a fast growing doggy daycare in Washington County & a second franchise location in Greeley Colorado. Key items for this internship would include: 1. Hands On Operational experience of running a small business (11 employees) 2. Development of documented procedures so as to fortify a standardized operations manual that could be used at multiple locations 3. Development of customer service systems and tracking mechanisms 4. Site location planning for possible future locations within Oregon or elsewhere 5. Analysis of operations, review of P&L to formulate improvement strategies and focus items to optimize the business model. Time schedule for this job has flexible hours and will cater to college students...end goal is getting documentation and report completed. For more information please contact Eric Simpson at

    Customer Service

    Part Time




  • Company Information

    BarkZone Inc.

    Doggy Daycare (2 Locations; Hillsboro, OR & Greeley CO)

    1281 NE 25th Ave
    Hillsboro, Oregon