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    Marketing Internship

    YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES Learn about product development, marketing, public relations and working with the manufacturers. Design the marketing and public relations activities for your territory. Contribute to the marketing plan for the product line. Contact candidates and recruit them to participate in our direct sales program. Contact businesses and recruit them to sell and showcase the products. Create media fever! Contact newspapers, magazines and other media sources to recruit them to review the product. Network with Industry leaders. Participate on the company Marketing Advisory Board. Be available for possible travel events. Represent the product line at image enhancing events in your territory. Attend teleconference meetings, conference calls and scheduled conferences and training seminars. Prepare and submit required reports and projects within the prescribed deadlines. QUALIFICATIONS Exper ience with marketing and public relations. Have access to computer. Must be computer literate. Excitement about being part of the team! Highly motivated, self starter who has sales/client relationship experience and a track record of continuous self improvement, high achievement and aggressiveness. Strong interpersonal communication skills, adept writing, editing and presentation skills. Poised, professional demeanour. COMPENSATION Through the Direct Sales program. Please see Marke ting Interns will receive commission for all direct and indirect sales in their territory. Interns will receive a stipend for any scheduled conferences and training seminars. Interns will be eligible to participate in incentive, bonus and reward programs.

    Advertising/Public Relations

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    IHAEMA International

    IHAEMA International is company dedicated to providing trade opportunities for foreign companies. We are a fast growing company that has been in business for 6 years. The IHAEMA Group is divided into 3 divisions; Import/Export, Cosmetic Manufacturing and Business Services. Our Internship program works directly with the Business Services division providing marketing and business consultation services to companies.

    3150 Soft Breezes Dr#2183
    Las Vegas, Nevada, Nevada