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    Home to our nation's capital, the District of Columbia sits neatly between Maryland to the north and Virginia to the south.  With the motto "Justice for All," it represents what the United States seeks to offer its citizens.  Washington, D.C. is also home to such memorials as the Lincoln Memorial and Jefferson Memorial.  If you haven't seen the White House yet, you ought to make the trip.  What this all means for D.C.'s economy is fervent tourism.


    As the federal government and many of its departments reside here, internship opportunities to work with the government are in abundance.  Further, real estate development and investment is huge in D.C., with only New York ahead. InternZoo lists internships and provides internship advice with tips for writing a stellar résumé and using the interview as a time to show off your talents rather than having it an obstacle to your internship. 


    Having an internship is extremely helpful for students' learning purposes, but also helpful for employers who require or desire a student with prior working experience and knowledge of the industry.  In other words, get moving and check out all of the opportunities in the 'Zoo!

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