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competent employees
Business & Finance

The Importance of Employee Competency Development

How should businesses assess the performance of their employees? Should they rely solely on the existing skills of their employees? Should they base their performance

Business & Finance

Entrepreneur in Focus: Candy Queen Dylan Lauren

Desserts, such as fruit candy and chocolate, go beyond satisfying a sweet tooth. The sugary sensations produce strong emotional connections for people. People use confectionary

Business & Finance

Entrepreneur in Focus: Candace Nelson

If you want to become an entrepreneur in the future, here’s a piece of business advice for you: build your startup or company around your

Elon Musk
Business & Finance

7 Career and Business Advice from Elon Musk

Business tycoon, inventor, car designer, investor and visionary — all these accurately describe Elon Musk. Although he’s been making headlines recently for making several outrageous

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