Content Partnership

InternZoo is a magazine that actively seeks out the unique perspective of its readers, which is why we want to invite you to write for us! We accept articles about  Career Development, People Management, and Human Resources, provided that your articles follows a few, simple guidelines:

  1. All articles must be around 750-1000 words. We know you want to showcase your extensive knowledge, but we also believe in the power of succinctness!
  2. All articles must have authoritative citations. As a magazine for professionals, we want our readers to be secure in the knowledge that what they’re reading is carefully researched.
  3. All articles must be in English and with proper grammar. As a business magazine, we want our readers to have an easy time reading your articles, so proper grammar is an absolute must!

If you’re interested in sharing your knowledge with us, contact us using the form provided in this website!

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